Tuesday, February 10, 2009


My husband, Skip and I love traveling the backroads of Texas and camping along the way. I travel with my camera around my neck and Skip travels with his foot on the brake! He has gotten really good at answering the command: "Stop! Backup!" We have a cute little pop up camper that's just big enough for Skip, me and our yellow Lab, Dolly. It's all we need. It's easy to pull. It's easy to set up, and it's easy to get into places that the big rigs cannot get into. We also get to meet a lot of people who are curious about our little rig. It's amazing how many people walk by our campground and ask if they can look at it. We're always happy to oblige and we end up talking and even sharing meals with people we would otherwise never have known. It's a good life!

We're not much into the "country club" campgrounds, we just like to be out in the country feeling the wind, listening to the birds and watching for wildlife. Of course, I am ever on the look out for a beautiful sunset or anything else that makes for a great picture. I have gotten some really fantastic pictures of birds and animals and places, and they are all within the great state of Texas. It is truly amazing what this state has to offer from the tip of the panhandle to the vast gulf coast. Then there is all the beauty that lies within the heart of the state. I never cease to be amazed at the variety of landscapes, animals, trees, flowers, birds and people. And, let me say right here that the people of Texas are some of the friendliest you will ever meet. Oh, there's a curmudgeon or two along the way, but if you take the time to talk to them you will find that deep down they really have a beautiful heart; however, there are some you might be wise to avoid. Like I said, Texas is all about diversity!
State flower of Texas: the beautiful bluebonnet


  1. Love this layout! Now all of us can enjoy the places you two (and Dolly) visit in you little chalet. Be sure and visit me at Genealogy Traces, Food Gratitude and Cemeteries with Texas Ties and maybe you will find a relative or two!


  2. What a wonderful blog! I agree, camping like this, traveling, and meeting people is what life is all about!!

  3. I really LOVE this blog, and you have taught me a new word to boot! "Curmudgeon".....an interesting word.

  4. You make Caprock a place where one wants to visit. I can hear your voice in your writing. Great photos. Well done!

  5. I really liked your intro to Caprock Canyons )#1), K.! You've described it well, but still I think that you may entice people to continue into the park, where they'll find a real treat (after the long, depressing route in).

    "Curmudgeon" a new word for Angie? She must be a teenager, and does not know many of us old curmudgeons.....;^). It's OK with me if you listen to Bill O'Reilly, K. (the competition), so long as you don't take him too seriously (again,.....;^) )

    Willie C